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Rauschert, a globally leading producer of technical ceramics, plastic components and functional components, has set the accomplishment of its customers’ requests and satisfaction as the highest quality goals. Right behind the safety of our employees, the quality of our products and processes hat the number one priority.

All employees are held responsible for observing the legal safety standards, the requirements of DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001 (environmental) as well as the code of conduct. Certificates to the respective scope can be found below.

In order to avoid future mistakes, it is our goal to detect and eliminate quality problems there, where they are occuring. Therefore we are documenting, analysing and improving our processes systematically. In acting that way, we are driving our “continuous improvement process” daily.

For the sake of protecting our environment and resources, we are dealing economically and responsibly with materials and energy. Waste will be minimised, collected separately and will be recycled, if at all possible. Exhaust fumes of production processes will be thermically treated and filtered before emission. All production processes are being optimised for safety and energy efficiency, systematically. All employees are being trained to guarantee an environmentally appropriate, responsible and resource conscious behaviour.

Already in the designing phase of our products, the future energy consumption is being considered. Rauschert itself is producer as well as provider of services for special environmentally friendly products (energy efficient pellet igniters, solar systems, filtration units, etc.).


Quality has the highest priority, because consistent adherence to the highest quality standards is both a significant benefit for our customers and a prerequisite for lean, cost-effective production.

Striving for Zero Defects – Despite the difficult production processes, we strive for zero errors . Not even an insignificant lack of quality shall be tolerated on our products.

Quality is “produced” and not “tested” – quality defects must be discovered and avoided at the point of origin.

Producing quality is the task of every employee – he is also committed to working on the quality of products and processes and their constant improvement, beyond his direct area of ​​responsibility.

Quality is the result of a continuous improvement process – standstill equals regression. Only those who constantly improve, meet the requirements of the market and can maintain or expand its market share.

Energy and environment

Efficient use of energy – All product development processes, including product development, are – as far as economically feasible – constantly optimized or modernized with the goal of the lowest possible energy consumption. The continuous improvement of energy-related performance is an important obligation for us.

Recycling and waste Avoidance – Waste from production is, as far as technologically possible, reprocessed.

Air pollution control – The thermal processes of production are equipped according to the legal regulations. These systems ensure pollutant contents within the legal limit values ​​for the delivered air volumes.

Saving energy is the task of every employee – every person in charge, but also every single employee, must consider these aspects in the decisions to be made as well as in the day-to-day business and thus behave in an environmentally friendly, environmentally responsible and resource-conscious manner.

Code of Conduct

Social responsibility – We pay attention to the internationally applicable regulations for the protection of human rights. This applies in particular to ensuring fair working conditions. Our employees are entitled to the statutory minimum wage. In addition, the agreed weekly working hours may not be exceeded. We strictly adhere to occupational health and safety regulations, thereby avoiding accidents and occupational diseases.

Business relationships – Our business relationships are initiated and maintained strictly according to factual criteria and must not be influenced by personal interests and relationships. Bribery is illegal and will not be tolerated. This applies not only to us, but also to our suppliers.

Business secrets – Personal information is only collected, processed or used if this is legally permissible and objectively necessary. Confidential data must not be passed on without authorization, neither inside nor outside the company. Business and trade secrets, industrial property rights and patents are not violated. We respect the rights of third parties and the protection of intellectual property.

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